Before Shipping

  • Ensure the mounting bracket, bolts and retaining clips are removed from actuator. (It should look like in the picture)
  • Find an appropriate size box and use plenty of packing or news paper to ensure the actuator is secure and does not get damaged further during transport.
  • Include business card or note with the following:
    Phone #
    Return Mailing Address
    I can't stress how important this is to include contact information.

    When shipping internationally:
  • The reported value is $10.00 - Customs Fees are very very high. Unless payment is arranged I will not accept delivery and package will be abandoned or returned at senders expense depending on courier.
  • Do not ship via FedEx. I will refuse delivery as they charge custom fees after the fact.

Shipping Address
    4040 Rushton Cres.
    Mississauga, Ontario
    L5L 4H7
    Please DO NOT request signature.
    Please DO NOT ship via FedEx.
    If shipping from USA see below.

Shipping from USA

Declared Value must be $10.00. I will not accept delivery if declared value is above $10.00 as some courers will bill me a month after the fact.
Do not ship via FedEx, they are very difficult and also impose unrealistic import/brockrage fees. Use UPS please.
NOTE: Any customs fees or import charges are the customer's responsibility. Please follow the above instructions to minimize these costs.

Tracking number

A tracking number will be provided to you as soon as one is made available.
To check the status of your actuator please go to:
Canada Post Tracking