Just 2 Prices (easy)

No onle likes complicated price structures, and no one likes hidden fees.
I made it real simple:
Option 1 $250 or Option 2 $300
Shipping ($20 within canada) and taxes (13%) extra.

Option 1 - Repair&Return

$250 plus shipping

You must send the original damaged turbo actuator in for repair. I will rebuild/repair and send it back. See Shipping for details.

Option 2 - Blind Exchange

$300 plus shipping plus a core deposit of $200

A ready rebuilt and tested turbo actuator is sent out to you up front. You can replace the existing one and eliminate or reduce down time. You must then ship back the core in order to receive the core refund.
Why is it $300 not $250? Because I expose myself to the risk that the core is not sent back immediately or that the core is in poor condition.
Why is it $200 for the core? Because I want to offer a significant enough incentive for you to ship the core back ASAP.

Method of Payment

I accept all major credit cards, interac e-Transfer and of course cash when practical.
For Interac e-transfer, you may send payment to
For Credit Card payment, I will issue an invoice (using Square) which you may then pay online using the credit card of your choice.