Turbo Actuator Repair Service

$250 - Repair/Rebuild Service for the Turbo Actuator found in Jeep Grand Cherokee, Dodge Sprinter and all Mercedes 3.0L diesel engines.
These units are not available for sale separate from the turbo at the dealer. For this reason, they can only be repaired or rebuilt.

We DO NOT support Chinese Aftermarket Units!

We DO NOT deal with chinese aftermaret actuators! We do not sell, repair, rebuild or in anyway service these units. Only Original OEM Hella/Garret units.
Why not? Becuse the Chinese aftermarket units that have flooded the market have a very high failure rate and are not repairable!

Supported Part Numbers

Since these are not sold separately, there are no Mercedes or Jeep part numbers to speak of, however common actuators carry the following markings:

  • 07-08 Jeep Grand Cherokee 3.0L - 6NW009 228 and G-88
  • 07-08 Mercedes Benz E320/R320 - 6NW009 228 and G-53
  • 04/06 Dodge Sprinter 5Cyl - 6NW008 412 and G-186
  • 07-09 Dodge Sprinter 3.0L - 6NW009 420 and G-277
  • 10-13 Dodge Sprinter 3.0L - 6NW009 660 and G-001
  • This list is not meant to be a complete list.

    Location and Support

    Though located in Mississauga Ontario (Canada) and covering the GTA area with local pickup available, most clients are not local at all.
    Ranging from California and Texas all the way to New Bronswick and Nova Scotia, shipping is only 2-4 days and $20 within Canada and $50 in continental USA.
    Please see Shipping and Pricing for details.


    Actuator broken, but can't afford any downtime? Running a shop and clients can't wait?
    No problem, you got options;
    Offering a "Blind Exchange" service; where a ready rebuilt unit is shipped out to you (where stock permits) ahead of receiving the original unit.
    Please see Pricing for details or just call.

    What's Included

    Each actuator is tested first to identify failure mode. The result will indicate the area that needs specific attention.
    Once tested, the actuator is completely disassembled and cleaned. The worm gear, motor, motor clip and dust seal is replaced as required. The gear box is reassembled and checked once again for tolerances and gear lash.
    The electronic board is tested and repaired as required.
    The Actuator is reassembled and tested as a whole. The test is performed both under load and no load condition.